Second’s Not Quite The Best…

September 14, 2016

So I did a Friday morning casual dress photowalk, where I explored the grounds of the castle. This is the ‘Poppies Wave’, an art installation dedicated to the WW1 dead. Or any war, really.

So, this is inside the walls of Lincoln Castle but it took a very kind Lincolnite to point out to me that it’s actually the Courthouse! From here on in, you’re not really going to get any photos without people in them. It just got busier and busier!

And I was hugely under the impression this was Queen Victoria until someone asked me who the man was and I Googled. It’s George III.

The early bird ticket buyers all got medals for their promptness [and the extra money they paid. Imagine my delight when I found out they all had a typo. A kind gent let me photograph his, as of course I never paid the extra for one. I’ll pay the extra for food, very little else.

This is really how Lincoln was. Normal streets, and then huge chunks of stone history. This is the Newport Arch.

Pub sign.

There will be a few selfies throughout, as I wasn’t sure if anyone would take photos of me.

The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party! It was on my way to the party that I had the really horrible bus driver incident, and on the way back that a member of the public made fun of my clothes, but I don’t want to write more about that. The party was warm. So warm I was worried I hadn’t topped up my suncream in a few hours, I was worried I didn’t have a parasol or sunhat. They operate a sort of ‘musical chairs’ system where the Hatter calls something like “Everyone wearing purple, move tables!” in an attempt to get people to mingle. And it works, to an extent although there were an awful lot of people who said things like “My partner’s over at that other table!” I hung back for the first few tables and then began to realise nobody was swapping names! So I began to take the lead and ask around each table for names, amazed no-one else was doing this. Funny, Angie’s partner Glenn was there [he took my Cheshire Cat photo] and I spoke to him at the end when he was realising he didn’t get anyone’s names. I told him it wasn’t his fault, no-one was really giving names as they seemed to all live safely in partner-land. I’m pretty sure even if I had a partner I wouldn’t be so complacent but… Who knows?

Speaking of Glenn and Angie, I was beginning to realise they probably wouldn’t ask me to work the tea stall for them. They talked a lot of big talk and said we could hang out, have a dinner, I could even chill out in their close-to-the-centre hotel for naps if I needed it during the day. I did suggest coffee once or twice and there was an attempt on Sunday but… nothing turned out properly. Maybe for the best, who knows? I do more when I’m alone, I’m learning that and every trip reinforces it. When I wait for people, I lose part of my trip and part of myself. I felt a little sad though, especially after barely seeing Alice in Edinburgh.

I know the make-up isn’t amazing, but it was my first attempt and it looked better when I first applied it, and from farther away! I might rework it again sometime.

Friday night was my first volunteer shift at a magic show but I liked the other volunteer Roxy, we got on well and somehow when our shift was over and we could go in and watch the magic show… we ended up just talking to each other instead. John [the organiser] said he would introduce us to the band Experiment Number Q but when we went over they were talking business so Roxy and I sat with Kevin who was taking over from us to do the late shift and although Kevin seemed rather sombre at first, I realised he was just nervous, or was reacting to my stress. We had lovely chats, although they revealed that I had been supposed to pick up a volunteer form which should be signed at each shift proving you were there and handed in for your refund at the end of the weekend. I hadn’t known about this which made me worry I had been struck off the list without knowing [for internet rudeness maybe?! My internet conduct can be a bit weird when I’m upset], or I’d been marked as a no-show? I nearly cried, but decided I would go to event control/wristband collection the next day and fix it. I was worried about it being busy on the Saturday but it was my only option really. I emailed Jackie [the volunteer co-ordinator] when I got back to my room and she said not to worry too much. Which was nice, as I’d been quite a way down the road towards worrying too much. I got some salted chili pepper squid from the nearby Chinese takeaway and rested in my room until bedtime.


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